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From Harvey Blind’s exclusive line of Curtain Fabrics, choose from a variety of stylish and magnificent natural blend fabrics. 

Drapery textiles give the room they adorn an added layer of sophistication. From sheer curtain that allow light in while maintaining privacy to thick block-out curtain fabrics that softly filter out the sun’s brightness, there’s something for everyone. The curtain fabric you select should not only be appropriate for the room in which it will be used, but it should also reflect your particular taste and design preferences.

Curtain fabrics are available in a variety of textures and finishes, including plain, textured, sheer, block-out, and special-effect textiles. Drapery comes in a variety of weights, so you’ll need to figure out the one you want before buying. Lightweight curtain textiles, medium weight curtain fabrics, and heavy curtain fabrics are available in three distinct weight classes.

Drapery weight classes are determined by the number of grams per linear meter (g/m), therefore as you progress from lighter to heavier fabrics, the weight of the fabric increases.

Curtain fabrics with a lighter weight are appropriate for children’s bedrooms or apartments, and heavier curtain fabrics can be used in a variety of settings. Because they give a pleasant and calm atmosphere, heavier curtain fabrics should be used in formal and specialised places, such as libraries and studies.

Decide how you want the room to feel before choosing a curtain fabric weight class. Do you want it to be energetic, relaxing, or cozy, for example? Knowing what you’re searching for will help you choose the right curtain fabric weight class.

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Over the years we have worked and collaborated with Australian businesses, delivering excellence throughout the process. From Educational Institutes to Government buildings, we have done work across various sectors and in the process gained the reputation and experience that we pride ourselves with. Our expertise in Blinds, Shutters, Curtains, and Awnings, allows us to provide you with premium products and unmatchable service. 

Curtain fabrics
various colors and fabrics

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Choose from a range of colours and patterns for your Curtain fabrics

CHoose from a wide range of styles and colors that suit your home

Torch Ginger
Caju Bright
Rubbery Leaf
rubbery leadf plum
torch ginger bright
torch ginger plum
marula welwitschia
african daisy
african daisy welwitschia
afrique chevron
afrique grace
boab sahel


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Harvey Blinds’ specialty is Internal Blinds, a very practical window covering solution. As a result, we have the ability to find and configure the right solution for your needs.


Blinds product range

Harvey Blinds’ specialty is Internal Blinds, a very practical window covering solution. As a result, we have the ability to find and configure the right solution for your needs.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains are great at filtering out unwanted sunlight

Curtain Track Types

Recess tracks creates an illusion of floating from the ceiling

Curtain Track Systems

The curtain track system is an essential component in modern houses

Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains are one of the most stunning window treatments

s fold curtain

S Fold Curtains

S Fold Curtains have a type of pleating known as S Fold

Veri Shades

Veri Shades® is an innovation in the world of window covering

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Harvey Blinds takes pride in always doing the right thing by knowing the interests of our clients and projects. We are ‘Making Blinds Easy‘ by selecting the best fit for the application from a wide range of options and ensuring ease and peace of mind at every move. We have the most environmentally beneficial solutions available, taking into account the site’s details, which distinguishes us as a sustainable partner.


With Harvey’s motorization choices for your blinds, you may enjoy increased convenience and elegance in your home or business. For your blinds, there are a variety of motorization possibilities. Motorization makes operating your blinds easy, eliminating any cords or chains. Have complete control of the light in a room with the touch of a button. Motorization is ideal for large or hand-to-reach windows.  

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