External Blinds and Awnings are other areas in which we excel, and we are ready to go above and beyond to ensure that everything is installed correctly for a great fit. By providing climatic protection, they encourage greater use of outdoor space – because we enjoy spending time with our families and friends in alfresco areas, balconies, and patios. Contact us for the Modern range of range of External Blinds and Awnings.

The blinds must be reliable in order for the materials to not fade over time, for the blinds to operate properly, and for the blinds to preserve their appearance. There are several options accessible, and we offer a combination of solutions to achieve the best outcomes. Exterior blinds with simple wire guides can also be installed with channels, which are not only more aesthetically pleasing but also more functional.

Our external blinds for shading and screening are very adaptable, fitting into a wide range of conventional and larger applications. At the press of a button, they can provide full ventilation, shade from the sun, weather protection, pest control, and privacy enhancement. They are made to withstand even the harshest treatments by minimizing sun penetration and absorbing heat. Allowing you to manage the amount of natural light, heat, and solar radiation that enters your business. Harvey’s external blinds have many unique features to simplify installation, improve reliability and enhance performance. 

External Blinds, Awnings and pergolas

External Awnings and blinds are another popular option for keeping the heat out while without taking up too much space inside when needed. The most basic types include shop-front, straight drop, folding arm awnings, which are universal. Other types include retractable-roof awnings and tilted-louver pergolas, which are more comprehensive housing types.

The Folding Arm Awning is the perfect retractable system for decks and outdoor entertaining areas because it offers great sun protection over large areas. Those awnings are available as standard or semi cassette which conceals the mechanism inside the headbox when retracted. 

Guillotine Glass Systems and Bio-climatic Pergolas are at the top of the range, offering greater protection and elegance, as well as greater control and flexibility over lighting and ventilation. They can be used to build and use outdoor environments in a variety of ways, and they can be installed as free-standing systems.

Bioclimatic Pergolas are a louvred system with movable louvres that mix form and function. This one-of-a-kind device allows you to manually adjust to changes in light and weather or use a remote control to do so. Restaurants, cafes, and balconies can now benefit from vertical sliding guillotine glass wall solutions. With the maximum clear breadth and no vertical frame, this system provides an “unobstructed view.”

At the press of a button, you can create an open, closed, or semi-open ceiling with this revolutionary fixed tilting louvre pergola system. You have the ultimate in ventilation, heat, and light adjustment, as well as protection from the weather, with intricate control over the ceiling panel angles. This includes the ability to entirely close the roof, making it watertight and windproof.

We provide the necessary information and maintenance instructions to ensure that the external blinds and awnings last as long as possible, as well as providing maintenance services as needed for added peace of mind.

Harvey awnings are suitable for a variety of exterior situations, including terraces, patios, and vast outdoor areas, and are intended to fit windows of all shapes and sizes. Our awnings assist shade your windows, decreasing the need for air conditioning, and saving you money on your energy bills! They are specifically developed for the strong UV and demanding Australian weather conditions

Awinings in a restaurant
External Blinds and Awnings


With Harvey’s motorization choices for your blinds, you may enjoy increased convenience and elegance in your home or business. For your blinds, there are a variety of motorization possibilities. Motorization makes operating your blinds easy, eliminating any cords or chains. Have complete control of the light in a room with the touch of a button. Motorization is ideal for large or hand-to-reach windows.  


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